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Freelance Writer.

and a little more than that, too. 

Hi, I'm Samantha Rosenfeld. 

I am a content creator based out of Charlotte, NC with over eight years of writing and digital marketing experience.


My writing experience spans across career & business, news, technical and general topics but my true strength is my ability to adapt my writing skills to fit a publication's needs over time. And if my degree in anthropology has taught me anything, it's how to research your subject matter to the fullest extent before starting the writing process.

My professional background is in the digital marketing space; three separate companies have brought me on board to create, plan and execute full marketing departments - two of which have been on a global scale. I specialize in positioning new campaign launches and concepts in unique, out-of-the-box ways with quantifiable results. 

"We were just over 1000 followers less than two months ago, and through Samantha's efforts we were able to increase our LinkedIn following to 2000+ and growing!"

Ross Petras, Owner of Biotech Partners